Emergent Ventures

Vinod Kala
Founder and Managing Director

Vinod has over 25 years of industry experience, centered on clean energy, strategic management and finance. Over the years, he has launched a number of new businesses in clean technologies including renewable energy aggregators in wind, hydro, bio-mass, and also business in LED appliances, sustainable farming, solar-powered water purification systems etc.

He founded Emergent Ventures India (EVI) in 1999 and launched the clean development business in 2004. Since then EVI has become a globally recognized thought leader in climate change mitigation and sustainable development having completed more than 300 assignments across several geographies. He has been personally involved with incubation of several new businesses; designing and formalizing a number of renewable energy policies and financing instruments; championing the cause of renewable energy, sustainable development, rural electrification, smart grid development, net metered solar water pumping programs etc.

Some highlights of his work 

  • Launched RE Businesses (Hydro, Wind and Bio-mass), created capacities ~ 500 MW+
  • Developed and promoted new and innovative financing mechanisms for renewable energy and energy efficiency, off grid energy services, carbon backed financing, loans for energy efficient homes, venture funds for energy services company, partial risk guarantee fund for energy efficiency etc.
  • designed and brought to implementation a number of new business models for rural micro grids, solar water pumping, high yield high value sustainable farming,  energy efficiency, smart city initiatives, smart grid and metering initiatives, design of integrated renewable energy zones (combining wind, solar, biomass, storage)
  • Networked several business platforms, product development spin-ins etc.
  • Developed a large scale carbon finance opportunity for a well-known corporate entity (~500 million euros)
  • Sale of VERs from a 400 MW Hydro Power Project - then the largest VER Deal in the world.
  • Design and Development of a globally benchmarked, process based organization system for a manufacturing plant in UAE.

His industry experience, insight and know-how is unmatched

Contact: vinod.kala@emergent-ventures.com