Emergent Ventures
'Environmental Resources Foundation (ERF) is a not-for-profit organisation promoted by Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd – a leading global advisory firm to accelerate action for a sustainable planet by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy and finance. ERF was founded in October 2011 under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. It qualifies under the new rules & guidelines for CSR implementation Read More >>>
Corporate Sustainability
We at EVI believe that sustainable development and sustained economic growth are not mutually exclusive, but essential complementary elements of sustained business success.EVI’s sustainability advisory team works with clients to develop a clear vision and well-structured sustainability & climate change actions.We help clients anticipate changes in market preferences, turn risk in to opportunity, drive innovation, reduce costs, increase market access, engage in radical transparency….and flourish! With an experience of nearly 50 projects,EVI has worked with governments, multilateral organizations and has provided consultancy services to Oil & Gas, Utility, Cement, Steel, Pharma,Hospitality, Aviation, Financial, Food & Beverage sectors among others including companies in fortune 500 list. Read More >>>
Smart Cities
The cities are engines of economic growth and therefore it is critical that they operate efficiently for economic development. Today, cities are experiencing problems due to urbanization and migration from rural to urban areas. Urban population of India at 30% is at an inflexion point and it is expected to grow now rapidly and cross 50% level over the next two decades. By year 2030, 600 million people will be part of Urban India and will contribute to 75% of our GDP. This unprecedented, unsustainable and unplanned growth of cities has accelerated the rate of resource consumption. It has created a stress on the resources available to support a living i.e. housing, water supply and electricity. People residing in the megacities are also familiar with issues like congestion, air and water pollution, waste management and threat to public health and safety. In order to solve these problems in cities, there is need to reshape cities smartly and intelligently by transcending megacities into Smart cities. Read More >>>
Waste Management
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