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Carbon Advisory
EVI is providing carbon advisory since 2004 even before the Kyoto protocol came into effect in February, 2005. Since then, carbon advisory space has gone through many cycles of change from project based GHG emission reduction to program based initiatives driven largely by private sector to current national & sub-national and sectoral efforts mainly driven by the Governments such as NAMAs.

EVI help organizations secure distinct business advantage in Carbon Markets. Our aim is to support in identifying opportunities, simplifying complexities and deriving benefits from global carbon market. EVI has in-depth expertise, comprehensive experience and an established network in these markets.


  • Identification of GHG emission reduction opportunities 
  • Develop carbon mitigation projects and third party validation
  • Manage carbon offset portfolio to optimize value

Carbon Standards: EVI has successfully developed carbon mitigation projects and programs under CDM, VCS, Gold Standard, Social Carbon, CCBA, WCD among others.

Project Development 

  • Identify and assess potential carbon credit opportunities. 
  • Create Project Design Document (PDD) and other relevant documentation. 
  • Facilitate local approvals, regulatory compliance and other procedural documentation and requirements 
  • Develop methodology on a variety of sectors and standards. 

Validation/Registration and Monitoring & Verification 

  • Facilitate validation of projects by authorized validator (and of stakeholder validation from a social accountability angle). 
  • Facilitate of host country approval. 
  • Facilitate registration with the relevant body (e.g. UNFCCC for CDM).
  • Facilitate verification process, leading to issuance of carbon credits.  

CERs/ VERs Transaction Services 

  • Monetize carbon offsets through multiple sales options. OTC, spots, auctions, exchange-based, forward sale mechanisms and structured carbon financing. 
  • Due diligence for investments in development of carbon offset projects.




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Carbon Advisory

  • Registered 150+ carbon mitigation projects and programs across carbon standards
  • Managed carbon credit portfolios of 150+ million
  • Extensive experience of credit transactions across Europe, Australia and Japan. 
  • Successfully registered CDM Programme of Activities (PoAs) in solar, off-grid distributed electricity generation, energy efficiency in T&D.
  • Technology segments covered are wind, solar, hydro, bio energy, waste management, energy efficiency, HFC-23 destruction, N2O abatement, transmission & distribution of electricity, transportation, forestry, agriculture, methane avoidance etc.
  • Industrial sectors covered are cement, steel, textile, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, sugar, oil & gas and service industries such as Telecom, IT, real estate, etc.
  • Developed two CDM Small Scale methodologies (approved by UNFCCC) 

Select projects

System of Root Intensification (SRI) programme: Reduction of Methane emissions and water consumption in rice fields of India

The project targets methane emission reduction in rice cultivation by replacing flood irrigation technique with SRI. The new technique enhances produce yield with reduced water requirement thereby having strong sustainable development co-benefits. The project is a grouped project developed under VCS. New instances are eligible to be part of the program.

Reforestation of degraded land in Chhattisgarh, India (VCS 689)

The project aims at reforesting deforested land areas thereby effecting removal of greenhouse gases which are additional to a business-as-usual scenario. The project is developed under VCS and is the first Gold Level CCBA registered project from India.

4.50 MW Akkihebbal Mini Hydel Scheme in Karnataka, India (VCS 610)

The project is a small scale run of the river hydro project in India. The project is the first Social Carbon registered project from India.

49.5 MW Wind Power Project by FFCEL in Pakistan (VCS 1346)

The project is the first and only registered VCS project in wind sector from Pakistan

National Solar Power Development Programme, India (CDM 6328)

The Program of Activity (PoA) targets small scale grid connected solar PV based power generation units developed in India. EVI is the Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME) for PoA.

High Voltage Distribution System for Agricultural Consumers in the Rural Areas of the Punjab (CDM 5787)

This Program of Activity (PoA) aims to reduce losses in electricity distribution to agriculture pump consumers in the state of Punjab by converting low voltage distribution system (LVDS) with high voltage distribution (HVDS). The program is supported by The World Bank for CDM registration.

Sustainable Development Programme of Rural Electrification (CDM 8864)

This Program of Activity (PoA) aims to provide electricity using biomass (bio gasifiers) and solar energy to off-grid areas in India. The program is developed by Husk Power System. 


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