Emergent Ventures

Clean Tech Finance Services

We have designed specialized instruments and structures for facilitating deployment in RE, Energy Efficiency and other new clean technologies.  In the nascence of the renewable energy industry in India, we helped IDFC launch an asset aggregator from which it recently made a high value exit; we also helped in the launch of a hydro aggregator, and ventures in biomass. We have designed new financing instruments for promoting different clean technologies for several leading financial agencies.

Our technical teams in Solar and Wind together with our expertise in policy and finance offer customized solutions for M&A clients and specialized auditing and technical due diligence services are available for lenders and investors with operating assets. We provide an unbiased and clear view on asset performance and asset health to help you better manage your investment. We also conduct in depth ESG evaluations in line with global standards and offer insights for improvement


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Supported IDFC in launching its Asset Aggregator (~ 80 Mn USD)

Supported launch of a hydro aggregator (~ 150 Mn USD)

Developed mechanisms for operationalizing partial risk guarantee fun and venture capital fund for energy efficiency in India, BEE, 2011

Identified potential financial institutions for fund operation for contingent financing and development of financial models for model investment projects (biomass based) in South Asia, UNDP and MNRE, 2012

Detailed Technical Due Diligence for Lenders+ Investors of operating wind assets in India and Japan ~ 4GW

Detailed Technical Due Diligence and Audits for lenders and investors of operating solar assets ~ 450 MW



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