Emergent Ventures
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Climate Policy
Climate change, as now widely proven is one of the major environmental problems faced by the world today. Addressing this problem requires simultaneous efforts of adapting to the changes as well taking steps to follow a developmental path which is low carbon. Governments and developmental agencies are therefore in pursuit of developing such strategies which meet their domestic as well as international climate change mitigation goals. Read More >>>
Ozone Depleting Substances
In ODS space, EVI’s strong and experienced team has been involved in preparation and verification of HCFC phase-out management plan, market survey to assess the quantities and types of HFCs consumed, projection of future HFC emissions under Business as Usual (BAU) and establishing emission inventory, analysis of current and future HFC mitigation potential, technology roadmap development for various subsectors under refrigeration, air conditioning and foam sector, technology and cost-benefit analysis of Low-GWP alternatives like natural refrigerants, design and management of various ODS destruction projects under climate co-financing in Article 5 countries etc Read More >>>
Carbon advisory
As the need to address climate change becomes more pressing, emission reductions will be increasingly sought in the most cost-effective geographies, and hence the role of carbon market will become more important. Broadly comprised of compliance (legally mandated) and voluntary markets, there are a number of rapidly evolving standards, procedures and geographical demands for different types of carbon credits that are traded today. The principal contributor from developing countries to a compliance market is the Kyoto-Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which generates UN-certified credits from renewable energy, energy efficiency and other greenhouse gas mitigation projects. These credits are used in the European compliance market for EU companies looking to meet their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol. Read More >>>