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E-waste recyclers’ certification in India
Worldwide 41.8 million tonne of total e-waste was generated in the year 2014, which is expected to rise by 76% in next 15 years (i.e. in 2030). India stood at fifth spot globally with 1.6 million tonne (or 1.6 kg/person) of e-waste generated in 2014 which rose by 69 per cent and became 2.7 Mt in year 2015. Recycling of e-waste is thus one of the fundamental ways of tackling the e-waste problem. India has 149 registered units of dismantler/recyclers have a total capacity of 0.46 MTA as on 14th December 2015. However, of the total e-waste generated in India, a large quantity of e-waste is recycled by informal sector where people are exposed to significant health risks.
February 04, 2016      
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July 3rd, 2015      
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Oct 10th , 2014      
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June 05th , 2014      
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June 05th, 2014      
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April 29th, 2014      
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March 6th, 2014      
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June 05th , 2014      
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December 22th, 2013