Emergent Ventures
International Journal for Earth Sciences and Engineering

Riya Rachel Mohan’s (Sr.Consultant-EVI) paper has been published in the “International Journal for Earth Sciences and Engineering”, August 2013 and in the proceedings of “3rd International Engineering Symposium” held at Kumamoto University, Japan in March 2013.

An abstract of the paper: 

Most water bodies are subjected to nitrogen pollution from domestic and industrial waste water discharge.  Nitrogen pollution can potentially cause dissolved oxygen depletion in water courses, eutrophication of water bodies and toxicity to certain species of algae and fish. Growing concern of nitrogen pollution in the world has led to many countries enforcing stringent nitrogen discharge standards in recent years. Consequently, new processes and configurations for ammonia removal from waste water have been developed that meet stringent discharge norms. Anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox) is among the best of these recently developed high rate process for economical removal of ammonia from waste waters. This paper describes the feasibility and study of anoxic ammonia oxidation for nitrogen removal from waste water using oxides of manganese. The results of this study can  be used for future engineering applications in treating ammonia rich industrial waste water. This process also significantly reduces CO2 emission and helps in tackling global warming.

January 27th, 2014