Emergent Ventures
Breaking free from the carbon shackles

Breaking free from the carbon shackles Grid Collapse & Coal Gate should pave the way for Renewable Energy deployment. An Article by Dr Jami Hossain, Chief Mentor- Renewables, Emergent Ventures India (EVI).

Electricity has always been at the forefront of the economic, political and developmental agenda of the country. However, in recent times it took center-stage with a big bang as never before. It occupied the mind of every citizen in the country for quite some days.

The grid collapse on two consecutive days at the end of July 2012 impacted daily lives of all the citizens in 22 states, covering over 70% of the area of India.  This was beyond  just a grid collapse; it signified the collapse of the policies being pursued in the electricity sector in India.


January 8th, 2014