Emergent Ventures
5th January 2014, Raipur: EVI organized a workshop on Distributed Renewable Energy-Community Fund under PACE-D program

The workshop organized today under the USAID/India and MNRE’s Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Deployment (PACE-D) Technical Assistance (TA) Program focused on structuring of a community fund which would be drawn under CSR contributions. These funds would be utilized in creating community level assets focusing on renewable energy solutions for energy access. Solutions would be off-grid as well as grid-interactive RE systems. The power requirements of the rural areas would be met by these systems serving the needs of households, community buildings, irrigation, drinking water and other commercial and local industrial activities. The project activities would create direct power benefits and co-benefits that include employment, income generation, health, education, sanitation, drinking water and e-governance. The benefits would be based and measured as the fund is created and made operational.

January 5th, 2015