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EVI’s expert views on Solar Pumping solutions Off-Grid areas

New Delhi- India, 2nd November 2015


EVI’s expert views were recently published in Solar Quarter Magazine’s November edition. Solar pumping is rising as promising solutions for addressing socio-economic issues of the low agriculture productivity, high cost of diesel pumping, erratic grid supply and poor irrigation infrastructure. Solar pumps can revolutionise the Indian Agricultural economy by providing an environment-friendly and low-maintenance solution. Further, the solar PV capacity can support alternate uses like lighting, battery charging etc. and can also be brought to use as a distributed renewable energy plants including micro-grids in the future. Experts have also made suggestions on potential business models which can be beneficial for farmers, local villagers, private sector organisations and government bodies.

To read about the potential of Solar pumping in Off-Grid areas in India, please refer to the links below:

Solar pumping of Off-Grid areas

Download Solar Quarter November edition 2015 Volume 4 Issue 11, Pg 6-7