Emergent Ventures
Emergent Ventures India (EVI) launches service for facilitating financing for renewable energy projects- Green Connexions©.

EVI launches Green Connexions© in partnership with Money Sutra to provide end to end solutions for debt financing for renewable energy assets, including debt syndication (new projects, re-financing of old portfolio), securitization and structured debt products and preparation of techno-commercial documentation for financing.

Together with Money Sutra, Green Connexions© brings ideal combination of technical, commercial and financial expertise, and a deep understanding of renewable and debt markets to serve clients in the renewable energy sector.

Green Connexions© has created special structures with longer tenures, equated debt cash-flows, improved interest rates, cashflow securitization, credit enhancement etc which can help you refinance operating assets, greenfield assets, while significantly improving the equity cashflows, thus improving equity IRRs and availability of cash for future growth. Green Connexions provides end to end solutions for debt financing for green assets. Solutions being offered currently include:

  • Debt Syndication
    • Green field projects
    • Refinancing of operating projects
    • Debt at corporate level for Manufacturing, Trading and Contracting activities
  • Preparation of project reports
  • Securitization and structured debt products
  • Credit rating and third party appraisal services.

Services offered:

Finance for Green Field Projects:

  • Strong relationships with PSU, Private Sector banks and NBFCs
  • Portfolio diversification, enrichment helps in improving debt terms and access.

  Refinance Operating Projects

  • Possible improvements in interest cost, Tenors, collaterals and security requirements

Structured Finance

  • Debt against, securitization of project cash flows
  • Credit enhancements
  • Issuance of debt instruments (e.g., Green Bonds)

Green Connexions’ Capabilities

  • Rich Relationships: Rich and working relationships with PSU Banks, Private Banks, DFIs (Indian, International) and NBFCs
  • Robust Processes: That can deliver agreed goals in the defined time-frame and early confirmations through checks with potential lender.
  • Understanding of Renewable Energy: Regulation, Technology, Markets and Business models
  • Innovative Approach: Innovative approach to chose the right FIs, structure, and deal terms