Emergent Ventures
EVI assists GGGI in Reviewing Fiji Biofuel Programme.

Emergent Ventures International Pte Ltd (EVI)is delivering consulting services to Global Green Growth Institute for a detailed review of Fiji Biofuel Programme. The prominent ministries in Fiji, The Ministry of Economy (MoE) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MoIT) have requested support from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to assess the current status and provide a strategic direction to the Fiji Biofuel Programme. Rationale of the programme is drawn from the strategies and goals suggested in draft National Energy Policy (2014), Green Growth Framework (2014) and the National Climate Change Policy (2012).


Fiji’s interest towards biofuel has resulted in initiation of multiple activities supported by donor funds, further there is policy drive and subsidy support from the government to promote private investments as well. The Department of Energy (DoE) leads the biofuel initiative in the country. Pilot projects supported by DoE are focused on development and marketing of coconut oil based biofuel. The copra mills supported by DoE source all the feedstock from communities. Further, Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) is pursuing production of bioethanol from bagassse. Fiji plans to shift from conventional fossil fuel energy sources (for which country completely relies on imports) towards renewable energy sources.EVI is entrusted with responsibility to deliver a comprehensive report assessing the current status and provide a strategic direction to the Fiji Biofuel Programme. The scope of work includes analyzing technical, economic, social issues that are hampering the growth of the biofuel sector and exploring business approaches to revive the government’s biofuel programme by considering options of collaboration with a government owned entity, Copra Mills of Fiji Ltd (CMFL), which is operating a larger-scale CNO and virgin coconut oil facility in the country.

The six month assignment (October 2016-March 2017) awarded by GGGI is being led by EVI and supported by Ernst &Young-Fiji office which provides the financial audit services of the stakeholders. The culmination of the program is in the form of a detailed report that provides direction to the country’s biofuel program presented and discussed in a workshop engaging with government department, biofuel sector public and private entities and donor agencies.