Emergent Ventures
Emergent Ventures International teams up with Applus+ Energy & Industry to develop Roadmap for phasing out ODS in Abu Dhabi

Emergent Ventures International (EVI), in association with Applus+ Energy & Industry conducted a full day stakeholder consultation workshop on developing a roadmap for Phasing out Ozone-depleting Substances in Abu Dhabi. EVI in consortium with Applus+ as the lead rendered consulting services for “Development of Roadmap for Phasing out Ozone-depleting Substances in Abu Dhabi” to the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC). The key objective of the 5 month long assignment is to formulate a roadmap for Abu Dhabi in the choice and use of alternatives for ODS phase-out, incorporating local specific needs and circumstances particularly end customer’s point of view. The workshop aimed to share the project findings and seek inputs of the experts for the roadmap development.

In line with Montreal protocol, Abu Dhabi is currently implementing phase-out of Hydro Chloro Flouro Carbons (HCFCs) (). With respect to HCFC phase-out targets and Hydroflouro Carbon (HFC) phase-down, it is imperative that the stakeholders adopt new technologies. The adoption of new technologies imposes significant challenges for the stakeholders and requires a long term strategy designed to factor the needs of the various sectors to meet consumer demands and phase-out targets. Recognizing these challenges, the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) has formulated a comprehensive roadmap for HCFC phase-out, which spells out concrete actions and timelines to control and reduce consumption of HCFCs. The following strategic actions were identified towards the roadmap after discussions with key stakeholders:

  • Strengthen institutional capacity
  • Review of policy
  • Regulatory measures including monitoring and reporting system, assessment of alternative technologies, creating awareness about alternative technologies, assessment of finance source
  • Project implementation under RAC manufacturing sector, RAC servicing sector ad foam sector.

Public and private agencies such as Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD), UAE customs, ESMA, Abu Dhabi QCC, Department of Municipal Affairs, educational institutes and private players from the RAC sector were the key stakeholders involved in the workshop for implementation of the roadmap through participation in technical and standards committees. The contract for the development of the roadmap was awarded to Applus+ Energy & Industry by the Quality and Conformity Council, Abu Dhabi in September 2016 under the accelerated   phase-out schedule of the Montreal Protocol. Applus+ partnered with EVI for this undertaking. EVI is a leading consultancy firm in the area of ozone depleting substances, climate change, renewable energy, and sustainability headquartered in India.