Emergent Ventures
Emergent Ventures India (EVI) supports in preparation of NAMA for Waste sector in Bhutan

Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd is assisting United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and National Environment Commission of Bhutan in designing a proposal on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sector in Bhutan. The main objective of the assignment was to formulate a NAMA Municipal solid waste proposal for Bhutan covering seven municipalities & towns of Bhutan.

According to Second National Communication (SNC), Bhutan is a net sink of greenhouse gases. Bhutan’s GHG emission inventory stood at 1559560 tonnes in year 2000. Waste sector contributed about 3% of all emissions and emissions from solid waste are about 84% of all waste related emissions. In its INDC, submitted to UNFCCC, the Royal Government of Bhutan pledge to minimize GHG emission in its waste sector through application of zero waste concept and sustainable waste management practices. The proposed NAMA is a step in this direction. The NAMA suggests a holistic approach and targets the complete value chain of waste management in the seven municipalities & towns. The measures adopted include technology, financial and policy & regulatory measures supported by capacity building and outreach initiatives. These measures are expected to overcome the challenges & barriers that the sector currently faces. EVI recommended appropriate organizational management systems, cost recovery mechanisms, tariff structures for solid waste collection services, transfer, and environmentally acceptable disposal for organic waste to UNDP and its key stakeholders. The key stakeholders include Ministry of Work and Human Settlements, The Gross National Happiness Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and human Resources, National Environment Commission, National Statistics Bureau, Department of Renewable Energy, Department of Agriculture, National Soil Service Centre, Bhutan Standards Bureau, Technical Training Institute, Greener Way, Clean City, Royal Society for Protection of Nature, Clean Bhutan, Green Road.

The NAMA envisages the private sector involvement in infrastructure and procurement-related activities and playing the key role in mobilizing finance, upgrading technology through research and development, enhancing manufacturing capacity, providing jobs and implementation on the ground. The two month long project was awarded to EVI September 2016 by UNDP.