Emergent Ventures
Emergent Ventures International renders consulting services to World Bank for ‘National Survey on non-ODS Alternatives in Thailand’.

Emergent Ventures International Pte. Ltd. (EVI) conducted two stakeholder consultation workshops for delivering a National Survey on non-ODS Alternatives in Thailand.  The first workshop was held in December 2016 while the second was concluded on January 20, 2017. EVI is rendering consulting services to the World Bank for the six month long project ‘National Survey on Non-ODS Alternatives in Thailand’. The assignment intends to develop a national inventory of Hydro Flouro Carbons (HFCs) and non-Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) alternatives that are imported, used and banked in Thailand, to estimate current and projected levels of use and emissions and to survey and report on the historical and predicted use of existing and new ODS alternatives, including low and high Global Warming Potential (GWP) alternatives and their distribution by sector and subsector and support them to adopt appropriate regulatory measures for establishing an HFC licensing and monitoring system.

At present, Thailand, as a party to the Montreal Protocol and as an Article 5 country, is implementing the HCFC Phase out Management Plan (HPMP) Stage-I, which includes freeze Hydro Chloro Flouro Carbon (HCFC) consumption level to baseline level in 2013 followed by 10% reductions in the consumption by 2015. In addition, Thailand is also taking steps for preparation of HPMP Stage-II which will contribute towards the 35% reduction of its baseline consumption by 2020.  Thailand is concerned about its technology choices in the context of Montreal protocol (MP) implementation (2016-2020) and global emission reduction. With this aim, the country wants to prepare a ‘technology roadmap” under and hence is required to understand the current and future role of HCFCs, HFCs and other existing and emerging ODS alternatives in the economy. HCFC phase-out is planned in Air condition manufacturing, commercial and industrial refrigeration and servicing sector. Through the survey, EVI aims to provide the countries with a comprehensive overview of their national markets where ODS alternatives have been and will be phased in, while taking into consideration other existing technologies. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) and Foam manufacturing companies have been identified as the major HCFC and HFC consumers in Thailand. The workshops held in this regard covered wide range of stakeholders from foam sector, refrigeration and air-conditioning sectors, solvent and aerosol sector, importers, Government and relevant associations. The aim was to discuss the project objective, data validation and compiling feedback. Provision of consumption and emission inventory by substances and by sectors/sub-sectors and recommendations for establishing an HFC licensing system were also proposed.

The project has been awarded to EVI in September 2016 by World Bank. EVI brings together the best of international and local technical experience in the ODS management space and excellent local reach and relationships within RAC, foam and other relevant sectors.