Emergent Ventures
EVI attends TWEA (Thailand Wind Energy Association) inaugural meeting in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok - Thailand,30th May 2013: Emergent Ventures International Pte. Ltd. - Thailand Representative Office.

The first meeting of TWEA (Thailand Wind Energy Association) was held on 31 May 2013 and was attended by global wind experts, new & experienced project developers, technology suppliers and academicians. EVI participated in the forum in its capacity of a global wind energy expert.

The nature of TWEA will be non-profit and it will work to bring out the challenges and barriers in wind project development in Thailand. The key issues high lighted in the inaugural meeting were Low wind potential in Thailand with unreliable data, slow approval process, bankers faced half baked projects, grid synchronization etc.

EVI intends to continue its active involvement with the TWEA and with its technical & project development expertise help develop wind industry in Thailand.

About EVI: Emergent Ventures International (EVI) is a trusted global consultancy firm providing customized and comprehensive Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Carbon solutions. Our integrated offerings create strong proposition for investors, corporates, policy makers and masses. We have a team of over 80 consultants with strong domain expertise and years of experience. Our global presence enables us to collate local and international best practices. EVI provides wind project advisory though our subsidiary WinDForce Management Services Pvt.Ltd.



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