" EVI exists to catalyze actions for a sustainable planet and create a positive impact by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy & finance... "
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EVI launched its advisory business in the year 2004 to accelerate action for a sustainable planet by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy and finance. Since beginning, we have attracted highly qualified professionals, talent as well as equity investments from leading infrastructure Private Equity fund such as IDFCPE (invested in EVI in year 2008) and have launched many initiatives in energy and environment sectors in a highly focused manner.

We provide sustainability, climate change and renewable energy consulting to clients across the globe. We have years of industry experience, robust domain expertise and global work profiles – in location as well as experience. We have significant experience with climate change regulations across the world, through which we actively help shape the international debate on environment & business centric sustainable practices. EVI's team comprises of international policy, finance,technology and strategy professionals with strong domain experience in energy & climate policy, sustainable transportation, waste management, resource efficiency & energy management, corporate sustainability, carbon markets and renewables (wind & solar).

As a thought leader in its domain of work, EVI is currently working on over 400 diverse projects across countries such as India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Nepal, USA, and Europe. Our clients include Governments, UN Organizations, Donor Agencies, NGOs as well as Corporates in Oil & Gas, Utility, Cement, Steel, Pharma, Hospitality, Aviation, Financial, Food & Beverage sectors among others including companies in fortune 500 list.
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